About Us

The story so far

Cook & Garcia opened as a new retailer in May 2012 on Richmond High Street. In May 2013, on the anniversary of its opening Cook & Garcia was named 'Best Independent Sandwich Bar in the UK', by the British Sandwich Association - a prestigious title that has been defended in subsequent years. It has also risen up the rankings of the 'Start up 100's list' as one of the most exciting and innovative start ups, attracting wide coverage.

Founder, Richard Garcia, with 25 years experience leading kitchens in hotels and restaurants, as well as in Food Development for contract catering firms, saw a gap in the market. Something new to break the monotony of the 'clone high street'. Based on a New York Deli concept - we slow cook a selection of daily roasts, served in wraps, artisan sandwiches, tossed salads - all made to order with the customer making the final choice of ingredients.

In 2014 Cook & Garcia were approached by Oakfield Capital Partners, who saw the potential in the Cook & Garcia brand. In May 2015, with the concept having been proven in Richmond, we opened our doors in a prestigious City location at the base of Monument. Having closed the original shop now, our focus is on bringing our delicious fresh food to the workers and visitors of Central London. Watch this space for the next opening...