Our Coffee

If you know your beans...

We believe that life is too short for bad coffee, and are proud to be serving the Eros brand at Cook & Garcia.

Eros work with their roasters, using some of the world's finest Fiartrade coffees to create their range. They have something for every taste, from a rich, nutty tasting house espresso through to a dark-roasted Bourbon espressso that really packs a punch. To create these unique blends and make sure they have consistent flavours, their roasters rely on long-term partnerships with farmers and co-operatives around the world.

We are serving the Brazil blend which is a lightly roasted espresso blend from Brazilian, East African and Indian Arabicas finished with a small amount of Indian Robusta. The light roast showcases the beautiful complex layers of the Arabicas and the Robusta gives body. Tangy acidity with nutty sweetness.

Let us know what you think #lovecoffee.